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7 Apr

Can’t wait to try this recipe out!!!

on the monkey trail

I’ve been talking about trying to make gluten-free banana loaf for a while. My fear was that the bananas would be too heavy, and make it impossible to get a decent texture, without the fluffiness that comes with gluten. Well, tonight I was feeling a little reckless. I felt mentally prepared for a total baking disaster, and decided to experiment.

In the spirit of experimenting, I decided to go sugar free as well as gluten free. Although, of course, I ruined this at the end by stirring in some chocolate chunks.

So here’s the recipe – it’s a bit random but it really worked. Put 2 bananas, 50g of melted butter, a good squeeze of honey, 3 eggs and a handful of strawberries (I used defrosted frozen ones) in a blender and give it a good blitz. Then beat in 1 cup ground almonds, 1 cup brown rice flour and…

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6 Apr

Awesome Blog! Very motivational:)


Allow me to introduce shoulder squeeze. This is one of my favorite arm balances. Some days it is off. Some days it has a fire that would rival Katniss Everdeen (hehe). I’m always finding ways to grow in this perch like posture. And, with a bit of practice, so can you! I have big hopes for this bundle of joy. Perhaps someday it’ll look like this. Until then: practice, practice, practice.

Peel Away ❤


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Purely positive advice from a (mostly) reformed cynic…

29 Jul
Fresh Cilantro (Coriander)

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At some point, after 30 struck to be exact; I began to realize that my particular breed of virulent cynicism was not only making me decidedly unhealthy physically but it was also keeping me in a state of permanent procrastination. If there were awards for grumpiest slacker- I would have won without trying. At some point, I started to realize not only was I a grumpy, lazy, dissatisfied chick but I was also a grumpy, lazy, dissatisfied chick who had only herself to blame. So! Enough of that! It was out with the old, weighty nonsense and on to teaching myself to be positive and healthy, one day at a time. It’s been an interesting, uplifting and surprisingly simple journey so far- and it’s this journey, that I’d like to share with you. In this blog, I’ll explain how to grow and eat organic on a budget, which foods are the best for those struggling with weight problems, depression, anxiety and fatigue and where to get them. I’d also like to share my  home gardening tips for the complete novice, quick and easy recipes that won’t bulge your middle, herbal remedies I’ve discovered and fitness even the busiest of us can manage in no time at home for free. I’ll also share links to sites I’m following and references for those who like to do their own investigating. You’re only as limited as you allow yourself to be and if you’re like me, the journey to happiness and good health sometimes just needs a little nudge forward now and then.

Remember! If I, the great and terrible grump, can manage to get motivated to better my life through good food, exercise and positive energy- anyone can!

(Note: Both this blog and my personal domain are currently under construction- Be up and running in full force soon!)